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V-Neck Cut Out Sheath Dress
Adrianna Papell - Bateau Neck Panel Dress AP1D100228
Dolce Lace-Print Sheath Dress
Adrianna Papell Metallic Pleated Dress
Adrianna Papell - Beaded Halter Neck Jumpsuit 91910490
Where to Find Top Bridal Looks for Less!

Hey everyone, as most of you know, I just got married this past March and I actually had two ceremonies, which meant double the amount of white dresses. Once all of the wedding festivities were over, I found myself wondering what to do with all of my white gowns and bridal accessories that I’ll never get the chance to wear again. In fact, I didn’t even get around to wearing a couple of them. I had so many of my newly-engaged blog readers and Instagram followers ask me if I’d be willing to sell any of my gently used white dresses since they were in the market for some new ones for parties and showers. Fortunately, I was able to help a few of them out, but I was still left with all the high end pieces that needed new homes, but very specific owners. Also, I wanted to sell them in safe environment for both the buyer and the seller so that we’re both protected. So I realized the best place to sell them is on eBay where plenty of other brides have listed their gowns and accessories and buyers can search their exact sizes and specific brands or styles. It’s the perfect places for newly married women to list their gently worn bridal gowns and accessories that they’ll never wear again, which means it’s also the perfect place for newly engaged gals to search for white dresses by top name brands like BHLDN and Adrianna Papell at amazing prices. Speaking of Adrianna Papell, I love this White Beaded Gown for a rehearsal dinner or fancy engagement party. Also, I’ll be listing a couple of my BHLDN gowns on eBay for you brides-to-be like the one I styled in today’s blog post. It’s perfect for the boho bride to wear to a shower, rehearsal dinner or even welcome party. | Shop Bridal Dresses | Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 It’s always safe to start with eBay because they guarantee price match, delivery or your money back, which is so important when it comes to purchasing top quality items that you might be wearing on one of the most important days of your life. Additionally, tons of ladies list their “only worn once” bridesmaids dresses on eBay too so I highly suggest checking eBay first when it comes to bridesmaids dress shopping especially if you get to choose your own gown. They have tons of beautiful options in a variety of sizes and prices to fit everyone‘s needs.   | Shop Bridesmaids Dresses | Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Hair by: Courtney Graham | Photos by: Aperture Photos Co This post is in partnership with eBay, a brand I love. All opinions and selections here are my own. Thank you for supporting the affiliate posts who make this blog possible. The post Where to Find Top Bridal Looks for Less! appeared first on Haute Off The Rack.

Adrianna Papell - Square Neckline Jersey Dress 11222320
Adrianna Papell - Floral Print Sheath Dress AP1D100382
Adrianna Papell - Jersey Cocktail Dress 11236321
Adrianna Papell - Floral Lace Cocktail Dress AP1D100438
Adrianna Papell - V-Neck Sheath Dress AP1D100027
Adrianna Papell - Bateau Neck Sheath Dress AP1D100043
Adrianna Papell - Bateau Neck Sheath Dress AP1E201114
Adrianna Papell - Lace Piping Dress 11242730
Adrianna Papell - Striped Lace Dress 11252740
Adrianna Papell - Split Crepe Dress 12253360
Adrianna Papell - Floral Jacquard Dress 14248330
Adrianna Papell - Bateau Lace Dress 14251100
Adrianna Papell - Square Neck Ponte Dress 15246420
Adrianna Papell - Printed V-Neck Dress 15246570
Adrianna Papell - Ruched V-Neck Dress 81870060
Adrianna Papell - Ruched Jewel Neck Dress 81898931
Adrianna Papell - Draped Scoop Neck Dress 91836820
Adrianna Papell - Sequined Asymmetric Dress 91880950
Adrianna Papell - Ruched Jewel Neck Dress 191926970
Adrianna Papell - Lace Bateau Neck Dress 13262900
Adrianna Papell - Lace Jewel Neck Dress 12249860
Adrianna Papell - Beaded Scoop Neck Dress 41906570
Adrianna Papell - Beaded Long Dress 91892370
Adrianna Papell - Lace V-Neck Dress AP1D100192
Adrianna Papell - Pleated V-Neck Dress 12242630
Adrianna Papell - Sleeveless Lace Long Dress 81890040
Adrianna Papell - Sleeveless Long Gown 91887920
Adrianna Papell - Beaded Long Dress 91897340
Adrianna Papell - Halter Long Dress 91918240
Adrianna Papell - Strapless Tulip Dress 91901780
Adrianna Papell - Floral Lace Short Dress 41904380
Adrianna Papell - Scoop Short Dress 41893570
Adrianna Papell - Lace Hem Sheath Dress 16PD78590
Adrianna Papell - Bateau Neck Column Dress AP1E200430
Adrianna Papell - Crossover Graphic Jumpsuit 16PD10320
Adrianna Papell - Short Evening Lace Dress 61864780
Adrianna Papell - Embellished Strapless Gown 91897540