Blue dresses

Blue Elana Dress
Blue & Purple Organza Dress
Blue Striped Becky Dress
Glossy Blue Pleat Dress
Blue Ruffled Dress
Blue Thin Rib Dress
Outfit Formula Toffee and Light Blue

Today’s look is about combining light blue with a toffee shade of brown. Think gorgeous blue skies and salted caramels, or the Caribbean sea with stroopwafels. This might be a combination you prefer to sport in Autumn and Winter, which is probably how I’ll wear it. Maybe throw in some chocolate brown and cream for good measure. But there’s no time like the present, so give the combination a go in Summer if you have the pieces. Pretty much any combination of a shade of light blue with a shade of toffee will do. Faded denim and chambray count as light blue, and cognac or tan counts as toffee. Throw in a light blue and toffee pattern, or use amber jewellery as the toffee component. Here are some renditions to get you started. 1. Light Blue Top & Toffee Bottoms Combine a toffee skirt, pair of pants, culottes or shorts with a light blue top that works with the bottoms. Finish off the outfit with white, red, tan or cognac footwear. Feel free to make the look casual or dressy. This outfit is dressy, but wear the same top with toffee chinos and white sneakers and you’re good to go. 2. Toffee Top, White Bottoms & Light Blue Accessories Combine a toffee top with white pants, skirt or shorts and finish off the look with light blue footwear and bag. You could sub the white bottoms for light blue jeans and throw in white or cognac footwear and bag instead. 3. Light Blue Dress & Toffee Footwear Choose a light blue dress in a pattern, light denim or chambray and complete the outfit with toffee footwear and bag. Or wear toffee footwear and throw in any colour bag. A blue and white striped dress is an easy way to wear a light blue pattern. 4. Light Blue Top, White Jeans & Toffee Bits This is the simplest way to wear the combination. Combine white jeans with a light blue or chambray top, and complete the look with toffee tidbits like a cognac or tan bag, belt and shoes. Or throw in metallic footwear and wear amber jewellery.

Blue Sleeveless Denim Dress
Blue Polygon Dress
Blue Striped Cody Dress
Blue Striped Collingwood Dress
Blue Barbara Dress
Blue Agatha Dress
Blue Underpinnings Turtleneck Dress
Blue Belted Shirt Dress
Blue Denim Unbalanced Dress
Blue Panelled Denim Dress
Blue Poplin Ruffle Dress
Blue Lou Dress
Blue Florence Dress
Blue Asymmetric Shirt Dress
Blue Denim Button Dress
Blue Tweed Dress
Blue Asymmetric Shirt Dress
Blue Ruffle Shirt Dress
Blue Denim Shirt Dress
Blue Denim Short Dress
Blue Striped Cartoon Dress
Blue Denim Shirt Dress
Blue Linen Sena Dress
Blue Striped Asymmetric Wrap Dress
Blue Pleated Hybrid Apron Dress
Blue 'La Robe Beauduc' Dress
Blue Patchwork Print Mix Dress
Blue & Red Metallic Knit Toolbox Dress
Burgundy & Blue Silk Cloque Natalie Dress
Pink & Blue Striped Puff Sleeve Dress
Blue Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress
Blue & White Oversized Patchwork Shirt Dress
Navy Blue Vera Dress
Sky Blue Silk Dress
Illusions Dress Royal Blue
Dress Karla Blue
Tiffany Blue Silk Dress
Navy Blue Rose Dress
Jessie Dress Airport Blue
Giza Dress in Blue
Maida Dress in Blue
Blue Moon Short Dress