La perla

vestido bordado
night slip
bata "Maison"
camisola Maison
bata de noche Azalea
camisón de seda

La Perla has long ago left the luxury lingerie niche and has stepped in the fashion doors. With each collection brought to the life, it has improved the design focus and generated from easy wear to the more glamorous type of fashion ensembles and pieces. By that I mean the dresses in almost gown kind of way with well-realized cuts which have come far enough from the established label for the luxury lingerie brand. There was no doubt that this amazing spin and step towards the wider fashion concept was realized in the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection by La Perla. If the past collections were more in the seductive lingerie notes the current ones have gone to the style perfections and well rounded and imagined collections. The satin silky textures which are common so often and connected to the lingerie profile of it were in the sight in the form of mini dresses with interesting bondage twists on the decollete. The visual break down of the expected satin textures was brought in the form of modern raincoat version in high shine plastic fabric and in the neon red. This combination was so unusual and with it, the fashion sense of La Perla has successfully brought to the next level. The next level was in the shape of the long and in pencil silhouette presented dresses. With sleek lines formed and featured by lace and satin, again, it has shown the seductive notes on the highest level. The dresses have had the huge red carpet mark and potential which tells that La Perla keeps going in the same design lane as with lingerie, and that is the spectacular and highly feminine notes. There was nothing unusual or unexpected in this collection. No experiments and extravagant pieces. Only pure classic with huge feminine touch celebrating the woman´s beauty! Do you like this collection? What do you think about the textures here? What about the mini dresses with lingerie kind of vibe or the long glamorous ones, which do you prefer more? Thank you for the attention! Georgia! xo

vestido estilo camisola con detalles de encaje
vestido de noche largo bordado
vestido de noche con apliques
vestido de noche Azalea
vestido estilo camisola con diseño de encajes
vestido ajustado
vestido ajustado con panel de encaje
vestido con abertura lateral
vestido de noche largo
vestido de noche
vestido con panel de encaje
vestido de playa Jade
Avant Garden beach dress
long length slip
slip dress Maison
slip dress largo
vestido de cóctel con panel de encaje
slip dress en paneles
slip dress Marble Mood
vestido con detalle de perla
vestido camisero
Radiance silk-chiffon coverup
estola deshilachada grande
gathered shirt dress
embellished slip dress
Miss Renegade Knit Dress
Dress w/ Tags
vestido a cuadros efecto arrugado
Castle Garden Babydoll
Magic Wrap Dress
Soutache Short Dress
Soutache Dress
Pleated cotton and silk-blend gauze dress
Anika off-the-shoulder corded lace gown
Embroidered silk-twill midi dress
Short dress
Long dress
Evening dress
Short dress
Formal dress
Xtabentun fringed cotton-gauze maxi dress