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5 Reasons To Wear Maxi Dresses As Much As Humanly Possible

DRESS: Yumi Kim (also love THIS affordable option) | BELT BAG: Parisa Wang x Zanita Whittington | SANDALS: old, similar HERE and HERE | SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs (sold out, similar HERE) Let’s be real, you probably don’t need five reasons to wear your favorite maxi dress—in fact, reason number one below is enough to get me to pull out my wallet. A maxi dress isn’t just an article of clothing, it’s a damn lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle where sartorial stress is minimized and twirl-worthy fun is maximized. Inspiring this post is the dress I’m wearing today by a brand synonymous with great lengths and breathtaking floral prints—Yumi Kim. Don’t hesitate, hit purchase. This brand can bring it. I’ve already purchased it in both colors. Below, five of my favorite reasons to max-out. REASON 1: A maxi dress is the best kind of one-hit wonder The first, and perhaps most obvious reason to wear a maxi dress is that you can put on literally one thing and be fully outfitted for the day or evening. Another way to say this? Fashion for lazies. Kidding. But there is something very low-stress about a one-and-done look that I love, and this particular dress is the perfect canvas for a few of my favorite accessories. Ahem, belt bag. REASON 2: It’s the best of both worlds I was going to say that a maxi dress is like a jacket for your legs, but then I realized there’s already a name for that—pants. Hear me out, anyway. With a maxi dress, you get all the fun and festive-ness of a dress but also, what if it gets cold outside? What if my host really likes air conditioning? What if an ice bucket falls in my lap? There’s no reason to skip that early fall outdoor event, not when there’s a closet full of maxi dresses just waiting to be of service. The perfect length to keep your legs protected from any offending drop in temperature, a maxi dress is like climate control from the ankles-up. You get the fun and comfort of a dress, with the warmth of pants. Win-win. REASON 3: Dramaaaaa! Maxi dresses don’t show up to the party. They arrive. Any time you feel like making a statement, a maxi dress is your best move. Even better if your dress is sporting a divine print like this one, but even solid color maxis make their presence known. Go forth, my friends, make it a long night. REASON 4: Your legs are “Out of Office” Not enough time in the shower this morning to shave? Maybe there was an incident with self tanner? Look, I forgot to exfoliate, the cap fell off, I don’t want to talk about it. Solution? Maxi dress! Conveniently hiding anything happening south of your knees that you don’t want seen, a maxi dress is there for you when a mini skirt isn’t. Pay no attention to the calves behind the curtain. REASON 5: Do it for the ‘Gram Tonight’s the night you’re nailing that twirl boomerang. Did you think you were gonna twirl in like… pants?! A few of my favorite maxi dresses, for your perusing pleasure below… DRESS: Yumi Kim (also love THIS affordable option) | BELT BAG: Parisa Wang x Zanita Whittington | SANDALS: old, similar HERE and HERE | SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs (sold out, similar HERE)

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