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Celebrating Our Bodies – Breastfeeding & Beautiful Nursing Clothes!

I want thank you all so much for all of your incredible support and positivity on my blog yesterday. Sharing those images of myself in a bikini was definitely something I was nervous about, but you guys made me feel so great about it once I finally gathered up the courage to post them. I honestly found myself crying at points throughout the day. Tears of happiness! Because I was so moved by all of the incredible support from all of you. So thank you! You guys absolutely help build me up and I hope that I was able to do the same for some of you. And really, yesterday’s post inspired me to write today’s blog post. I want to continue celebrating a woman’s body and today I want to talk about breastfeeding. In fact, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month!! I know I know, I’m a little bit early celebrating. But again, yesterday inspired me and I’ve gotten so many questions from you guys about my favorite breastfeeding friendly clothes. So I thought, why wait until August to talk about it!? As many of you know, breastfeeding your child is a huge commitment and I know many moms out there struggle to find cute clothes to wear while doing it. So today on my blog I’m sharing a few breastfeeding friendly looks that I own and absolutely love! I want to start by saying that even though I am celebrating breastfeeding in this blog post, it’s important for me to say that I absolutely feel that “fed is best!” Some mamas are able to breastfeed their children and others aren’t. There are a variety of reasons why a mother either chooses not to breastfeed or in unable to breastfeed and that’s OK. One mama isn’t better than the other and I truly believe that. As many of us know, raising a child is really hard work. As long as you’re keeping your child safe and fed during that time I think you’re doing a pretty good job! Ok, now let’s talk nursing clothes! I, like many of you, have struggled from time to time finding clothes that are breastfeeding friendly, flatter my new shape and are really cute! But the looks I’m sharing on my blog today are some of my favorites! Starting with this maxi dress (keep reading for a code to get 40% off the dress!). It’s so pretty that I’ve actually had friends borrow it recently who weren’t even nursing just because they wanted to wear it to a Sunday brunch. That’s the great thing about finding super cute nursing clothes that don’t look like nursing clothes. You can wear them well after you’re done breastfeeding! The material of this maxi dress is very stretchy and super comfortable! And I love that it provides coverage for the top of the breast while breastfeeding so it can be done super discreetly without the need for a nursing cover in public. That’s why I included a couple photos of me nursing Riley in this dress. So you guys can see how discreetly I’m able to feed him without the need for a cover. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer not to use a nursing cover when it’s hot outside and it’s SO hot in LA right now. That’s why I love a dress like this that doesn’t require a nursing cover. The dress is from Motherhood Maternity. In fact, all the clothes I’m talking about in today’s post are from Motherhood Maternity. I bought a few maternity dresses from them when I was pregnant with Riley and I love them, so I came back to buy nursing clothes because they have the cutest stuff! And they gave me a code for you guys to get 40% off one full priced item!!! Yay! Use code ALI40. SUCH a good discount! I’m so excited to share it! And I keep coming back! I just bought this dress as well which might be one of my favorite dresses in my closet! So I’m so psyched that it’s a nursing dress! But again, I’ll wear it well after I’m done nursing Riley. I’m sharing a bunch of photos so you guys can get a good feel for the maxi dress! But scroll down to see another favorite of mine. A nursing top that’s just the cutest and totally doesn’t look like a nursing top! Nursing Tank How cute is this tank top?! I really feel like many nursing tops look similar and I can tell that they’re nursing tops when I see someone wearing them. But I don’t feel like you can tell this tank top is a nursing top at all! It comes in this pretty floral pattern and in solid coral. I think both are beautiful! And since it’s loose fitting, it’s great for postpartum since many of us have loose skin or extra weight around the midsection. And as you guys now know from my post yesterday, I am one of those people! Nursing Cover/Duster The last thing I want to show you is this duster/nursing cover. I own a few pieces of clothing that are super similar to this. I love them because they’re great to throw on with an outfit when you want to cover your backside. I wear them all the time when I wear more form-fitting dresses. Especially when I was pregnant because I’d like to show off my bump in the front but didn’t necessarily want to show off my backside. So this is a great piece to get if you are expecting so you can wear it with your form-fitting dresses and then wear for nursing afterwards! It has little buttons at the top so it acts as a nursing cover. It’s pretty cool if you ask me! And it’s on sale right now for under $20! I’m tempted to buy multiple of these and give them to all my friends who are expecting. In fact, I’m totally going to do that! Hope you guys love these looks! Since I plan on breastfeeding Riley for quite some time I plan on sharing lots of breastfeeding friendly looks on my blog in the future! Let me know what you guys think and let me know what else you want to see from me in terms of breastfeeding friendly clothes! And again, thanks for making this blog a place where women came come to celebrate each other and all the amazing things a woman’s body does!   The post Celebrating Our Bodies – Breastfeeding & Beautiful Nursing Clothes! appeared first on Ali Fedotowsky.

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