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What I’ve been loving this month

What I’ve been loving this month Today’s post will not be a Friday Budget finds but a “What I’ve been loving this month”. If you’re not familiar with my Friday Budget finds, is basically affordable fashion and beauty finds that I, well, love and found. I love affordable fashion and beauty. Not because something is affordable it means is not good. That’s the main purpose of the Friday Budget find series. Finding amazing and affordable pieces so today I wanted to be more specific to those affordable pieces/things/beauty that I’ve actually been loving. Also, I wanted to incorporate those affordable fashion findings to transition from summer to fall. What I’ve been loving? W3LL PEOPLE Bio Tint Moisturising Foundation – This has to be my first favorite! Is an affordable beauty super find! This is a $28.99 product that you can find at Target. And you might be thinking that a tinted moisturizer for $29 doesn’t seem affordable, but it is! This is a natural makeup brand, which means that you’re getting the best of the best ingredients, it also has SPF AND I literally use one pump for my entire face. A tinted moisturizer with good coverage and SPF for $29, yes, please. This is the perfect product for summer and fall. Here in Savannah, the “fall” is the same, humid and hot as summer so this formula is perfect for that weather. Thrifting – Well this is not necessarily a find, but OH MY GOD. If you are not thrifting, what are you doing with your life? About a month ago, I embarked on a new journey. lol. A thrifting journey. I was seeing a lot of bloggers, and videos a, on youtube about all the amazing finds in thrift stores so I went to see it for myself. I’m really into vintage things and antiques so this was a perfect way to do so. I will have a dedicated post about it, spoiler alert, is good. If you’re into affordable fashion, thrifting is the way to go my friend. Also, a perfect way to find those amazing transition pieces from summer to fall on a budget. Summer dresses – Ok, I know is Fall. Technically is still summer and is super hot out, so I’m very happy with my summer dresses!! I am so in love with this summer dress from Old Navy. Old Navy is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for affordable fashion. And now is a great time to get your hands in summer affordable pieces since is end of season. I styled it here. Having a skincare routine– This isn’t a find, more like finds. Having a skin care routine has changed my skin entirely. If you have not started a skincare routine I highly recommend it!! You can read mine here. Self-tanner– I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but I’m actually obsessed with this product. I’ve NEVER used an actual self-tanner before. I’ve used gradually tanning lotions which, don’t work btw. But this Loreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-tanning “milk” actually blew my mind. If you are into self-tanning and having that summer glow all the way into fall and winter, this is the product for you. And this Clinique lipstick– This is the “almost lipstick” lippie from Clinique in the shade black honey. This is the freakin’ perfect lipstick for transitioning to fall. It has the perfect shade and formula. What you’ve been loving? XO, Paola The post What I’ve been loving this month appeared first on The Sparkling Bubbles.

Queen Of The Sun dress
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