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6 Sweater Dresses Under $100 In Club Monaco’s Huge Sale (Along With Other Deals You’ll Love)

When fall hits, it's hard not to immediately start dreaming of all the cozy knits you want to bundle up in. Which is understandable when all the oversized coats and dreamy cardigans hit the stores, how can you not want to throw every single piece in your cart? The prices of those big warm pieces, however, aren't always so amazing. And since they're often pretty steep, it's often difficult to stock up on all the winter staples you need so badly. That makes Club Monaco's mid-season sale a very welcome one, though, because there are beautiful sweater dresses and tons more cold-weather items under $100 for a limited time. The sale, which started on Sept. 19 and ends on Oct. 2, is chock full of Club Monaco classics at ridiculously low prices. The Rubard Sweater Dress a pretty red number that can be easily dressed up or down has been marked down to just $ 48.30 (it was originally $229). The Evangah Sweater Dress is another standout piece that will go with everything you own, and it's a steal at just $69.30 (it was marked down from $198.50). While the affordable sweater dresses are definitely a big draw, that's not the only good thing about this sale. Other items of note are the Malaina Cashmere Sweater that's under $100 and the Lacarrah Jacket that's now only $97.30. For the accessory enthusiast, the shoe selection is also particularly good, and if you buy anything from this sale, the $83.30 Roenna Silk Pumps should definitely go home with you. Club Monaco's sale will end soon, so keep scrolling for all the under-$100 pieces you should definitely add to your cart before it's over. Rubard Sweater Dress $48.30 Club Monaco This dress was originally $229, but it's on sale for $48.30 right now at Club Monaco. Shop Now Hermione Dress $69.30 Club Monaco Grab this dress for only $69.30 during the sale (it was originally $198.50). Shop Now Bandit Dress $55.30 Club Monaco Originally $228, this light blue sweater dress is now on sale for only $55.30. Shop Now Evangah Sweater Dress $69.30 Club Monaco You can snag this sweater dress for $69.30 in Club Monaco's sale (it started at $198.50). Shop Now Chavelle Sweater Dress $69.30 Club Monaco This sweet sweater dress was originally $249, but it's been marked down to only $69.30 during the sale. Shop Now Skarlie Dress $34.30 Club Monaco While this started at $179.50, this dress is now only $34.30 during the sale. Shop Now Remi Sweater $34.30 Club Monaco While this sweater started at $148, it's now just $34.30 with the discount. Shop Now Malaina Cashmere Sweater $97.30 Club Monaco This pretty cashmere sweater is less than $100 during Club Monaco's huge sale (though it started at $288). Shop Now Rodvak Silk Top $90.30 Club Monaco The perfect holiday top, this flowing red blouse is down from its starting price of $168 during the mid-season sale. Shop Now Valerena Pant $97.30 Club Monaco These pants are perfect for work, and are only $97.30 during the sale (though they started at $155). Shop Now Remi Pant $83.30 Club Monaco Originally $149.50, these gingham trousers have been marked down to $83.30. Shop Now Lacarrah Jacket $97.30 Club Monaco You can score this beautiful jacket for less than $100 at Club Monaco right now (even though it started at $288). Shop Now Natalina Blazer $97.30 Club Monaco Get in on the blazer trend with this beautiful white blazer that was originally $288. Shop Now Roenna Silk Pump $83.30 Club Monaco Add some flair to your closet with these adorable polka dot pumps (originally $348). Shop Now Emmelia Suede Sandal $69.30 Club Monaco These sandals will go with everything you own. Though they started at $268, they're now only $69.30. Shop Now

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