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Cozy Sweater Dress + I Need Your Book Recs!

How cozy is this look?! I love a good sweater dress, and this one is extraordinarily cozy (especially with a scarf and boots added in the mix!). If I could wear this outfit every single day of fall… I would!!! I wore this one morning in Colorado. We ate at a place called Ghost Town every morning – they had smoothies, matcha lattes, avocado toast and breakfast burritos, and just the memory of it makes my mouth water. Okay on to the next item of business – I am in the mood to read fall books! Please let me know your very favorite book that reminds you of fall – it can be a classic, or it can be brand new – it doesn’t matter! I’m going to compile a list of the best recommendations! I just read a new thriller that was sooo good, I finished it in two days, and I’ll share that in the post as well. xoxo

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