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White 'Rosaline' maxi dress
White 'Tellisa' maxi dress
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White Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
Scenes From Nantucket

White Maxi Dress Sweater// Jeans// Jack RogersGoyardShop the Look: Shep Shirt// White Jeans// Jack RogersMonogram ToteShop the Look:I took a lot of scenery photos while on Nantucket that I just love. I thought I would share some of them with you. If you haven't been, I think these really capture a lot of the quaint and charming aspects that make Nantucket so special! My favorites are the ones that I captured during an evening stroll one night. The sun was just about to set and all of the shops were glowing!  Some of my favorite things are the cobblestone streets, the brick sidewalks, the shuttered homes, and all of the adorable shops. There are flowers everywhere you look and nautical touches around every corner. Did you know that there are no stoplights on Nantucket? And no chain restaurants! I also love that it is warm in the day and cooler at night- great sweatshirt weather! 

White Maxi Dress
White Floral Maxi-Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Strappy Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Embroidered Maxi Dress
White Wailea Maxi Dress
White Ruffle Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress
White Tuille Maxi Dress
ROMULEA - Maxi dress - white
Maxi dress - white/blue
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Maxi dress - white/blue
AGATHA - Maxi dress - white
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Oasis Maxi Dress in White
Plunge Neck White Maxi Dress
COLLIER - Maxi dress - black/white
GEORGE - Maxi dress - off white
Maxi dress - navy/off-white
White shirred bandeau split maxi beach dress
Burgundy White Colorblock Maxi Dress
Burgundy White Colorblock Maxi Dress
White Floral Wrap Maxi Dress
White Floral Maxi Wrap Dress
Plunging Neck Maxi Dress - White - L
Striped Maxi Bodycon Dress - White - One Size
Flower Embroidery Strapless Maxi Dress - White - L